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Product Description

katabird logo with koala boxkatabird logo with koala box

Why should you choose these cute toy storage bins for your kids and keep a tidy home?

Because it’s a win-win situation:

Your kids will be safely playing and happily “cleaning up”
You’ll save time
You’ll have an organized place

The Katabird Koala Toy Box is specifically designed to keep toys where they should be after play while bringing smiles to parents and kids.

Your children will be entertained on a daily basis – You won’t have to beg them to clean up. They’ll place the toys inside the toy bin themselves as that’s part of the fun and you can use that time to do other things.

Quick Points For You To Know About Katabird Koala Toy Box:

1) MEASURING 16 x 12 x 10 inches, our toy storage boxes are great for smaller toys, loose toys, dress up clothes, games, books, nursery items, baby clothing, playroom storage, grandma’s place and even tight living rooms.

2) WANT IT FOR BIG TOYS OR LARGE ITEMS? Then you may want to use our Katabird large hippo toy boxes instead. Just type Katabird hippo box on the search bar.

3) A CHILD CAN’T SIT OR CLIMB ON IT – BUT do you really want them to anyway? Our koala toy boxes are made of soft yet sturdy fabric intentionally for safety reasons. It’s not made to be sat upon.

4) THEY CAN LAST FOR YEARS – If you treat them with care as you should treat any household product. We’ve used ours for 3 years and they are still standing.

5) BABY SHOWER COMING SOON? – Lots of our customers have used them as baby gift baskets with other little goodies inside. They’ve been admired and received compliments by other people because of it. That could be you.

happy family with the katabird koala toy boxhappy family with the katabird koala toy box

Showing how to set up the katabird koala toy boxShowing how to set up the katabird koala toy box


Smart Space & Time Saving At Home

Set Up in 3 Simple Steps:

Unfold your kids toy box
Insert the reinforced cardboard in the base
Close the lid

These toy boxes for kids will make your place look more spacious. Sick of wasting time looking for things? Your child will love to use these boxes themselves allowing yourself to feel more relaxed.

If at some stage you don’t need them, you can easily fold them flat and put them away.

boy picking up toy box

boy picking up toy box

little girl with koala toy box

little girl with koala toy box

dog staring at the katabird koala toy box

dog staring at the katabird koala toy box

Fun for kids

Perfect to help Mom at home

Great for playroom, bedroom & toy storage

Much more fun and educational than a canvas or boring plain box

Well-designed & quality materials

✅ GET YOUR TOYS WITHOUT MOM’S HELP – Unlike the giant toy bins that you have to tip over just to grab your toys, you can easily reach your toys in this bin that has everything at your level, you can even grab toys at the bottom of these toy boxes
✅ GIVE YOUR PARENTS A REST – Kids want to be left alone to play, explore and be creative and your parents want some time to unwind, and with this toy storage, you can take your toys out and put them back without any help making it a win-win
✅ KOALAS ARE ADORABLE AND FUN – More than just a toy storage box; this koala container has its own purpose and personality, and your mom and dad will love watching you play and interact with the cute koala ears and face
✅ HOLDS MORE THAN JUST TOYS IF NEEDED – This toy chest is great for small or loose toys, games, dress up costumes, books, baby clothes, diapers or towels, and it’s ideal where space is limited like the car, your closet, a nursery or grandma’s place
✅ FOLDS UP TO TAKE WITH YOU – Grab the soft handles, close the flap and with your fingers safe, take your toy storage bin on your next adventure, or fold it flat in the closet or under your bed to hide it from cheeky pirates